Statement from 2Shot @cryptocloan in response to my numerous Telegram DMs

First, I would like to wish all a Happy New Year.

THUGS.FI recently ran a contest called #THUGSMAS with a substantial prize pool. The intent was to award community members for their talents. In the process we realized that many community members would miss out on this opportunity because, well fuck, I CAN’T DRAW. These brainiacs (me) came up with a plan — we were going to have the community help us decide the winners. BRILLIANT — How about we trust the cryptoverse full of greedy scammer bots to…

It’s time to make a come back — you know the old saying - GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN — BIATCH!

Recently $hotty was introduced to a new crypto project called THUGS FINANCE which really sparked a homies interest. I gotta tell you, $hotty may be famous for my pimpin’ but one thing I always be is a #THUG4LIFE. The #THUG project revolves around the $THUG token which has a deflationary burn mechanism built in, but aside from the Thug token, it’s the $DRUGS and $HOES that got this mothafucka turned up.

$hotty here been around this game long enough to know a few things. First, pump and dump scam bitches “team” always be concerned with current price. THUG team is…


Community member and real OG at

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